Paranormal, as a literary genre

Enter rewritten and translated in English.

Good, my travelers! How are they? I hope you enjoy this Sunday.

At last he is catching up, with his post and little things and that excites me, I’m glad. 🙂


Today I thought to bring you a post, providing information about a genre that has impacted both new writers who risk it, and at the same time the market, which grows.

Promoting great varieties of titles and about different authors; The genre we will discuss will be: Paranormal.

What does paranormal mean as a literary genre?

I will specify in brief points; In them we can find beings like: Vampires, werewolves, fairies, demons, angels, elves, goblins and various monsters.


If you want to get into this genre, in it, you must include really unusual things. The paranormal is often linked to what fantasy is, they are in one word; both genders are closely linked, the line of each other is very thin. In addition to describing in this, things of mystical beings, today an almost infallible tendency for the narrative that also includes romance was generated.

My conclusion; the fantastic includes magic in the purest sense of the word, and paranormal, fosters supernatural beings.

  • The paranormal romance genre belongs to a new literary universe.

Although it is not something that comes from nowhere, the increase is due like everything else, to the industry that has contributed to its growth, its consumption has been in large sum to the people who buy paranormal romantic novels in quantities.

However, not everyone values ​​it, critics disparage it several times. I have read that your narrative is not very accepted. Well, tastes are tastes.
As they say.

So here in Viaggio I make a brief explanation (or appeal) to the different characteristics of gender.


Romance, and what refers to this, must be reciprocated, at the time of writing and this includes paranormal romantic novels, they must contain it and show a relationship between subject-object. Give and receive, love.

Adding readers, identify themselves in the process of love.

Personal opinion:

With regard to this genre, in my case I like it, I even write this style of narrative, it is very attractive (in the case that you like everything you cannot see, or that is not real); The paranormal is not only to write about special beings, but also, a previous study is due, whether it be research or others, of course if you want a story based, and perhaps not wander in the narration of your future novel.

Almost everything you want in a literary work – with a certain theme – if it is historical even more, if you rely on facts, whether fictitious or legends. You must have foundations, so the work will not become loose, and the main thing, enriches your writings. Because if you tell, at least without finding out, and consist of historical figures or myths, believe me; The reader will notice everything, as his writer is not informed in the least.

Any advice that I have given you today, is not only to detail the paranormal, but, it is for all kinds of genres, because without previous research: whatever you write or describe, a disorder, reactions; etc. And you do not agree to take part of the necessary time so that the story does not look superficial. You will fail.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it is a short introduction that we provide here, but we want it to influence, as a simple advice to clear doubts about this topic, and give you a humble opinion about literature.

I say goodbye without more, good Sunday, my travelers. 🙂

My recomendation!


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